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Standing Rigging

Our core business is standing rigging. We offer the complete service. The standing rigging is an
integral part of your rig, and should be checked annually. Rigging has to be replaced after 10 years or 30,000 nm. Our rig inspections include a survey of the sheaves, tangs, sheave boxes, spreaders and brackets.

Measuring & Installing

The initial process in supplying standing rigging is the measuring. Accuracy and attention to detail are crucial to confirm the correct terminals are compatible with your mast fittings. The terminals are swagged with our Wireteknik machine. The rig is installed, tuned and upon completion a test sail certifies the flawless performance of the rig.



This popular type of rigging wire is the All Rounder, and is used in the majority of manufactured yachts up to 60ft. We stock from 3 to 16mm in house, along with the associated terminals.

Dyform / Compact

This is a higher performance wire. Due to the construction and shape of the wire, there is less stretch, and greater strength compared to the same diameter of 1 x 19. We use this when the owner wishes to have a better performance from the rig.


Rod rigging offers high strength, low windage and low stretch, as well as long life due to unmatched corrosion resistance. Rod rigging is the standard in racing yachts and high performance cruisers.


This high performance fibre characterised by impressive tensile properties is the advanced solution for the future. Dyneema, Aramid, PBO, and carbon fibre rigging is implemented on the latest yachts. We utilise syntethic rigging on specific applications, due to its minimum stretch.


High quality terminals are crucial for the longevity of the standing rigging. Our respected suppliers are Seldén, Sta-Lok, BSI and Ronstan.

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